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Digital PhishNet Membership Criteria

To become a Digital PhishNet (DPN) member, the organization which you are representing must meet the following criteria which is agreed to by all of the DPN members. The site is designed to monitor trends that will provide insight and information resulting in referrals to Law Enforcement. This site is not intended to function as an early warning device nor act as an alert system for phishing activity.

To join the DPN, each member must meet the following criteria:

  • Complete a DPN Membership Application and agree to abide by the DPN Code of Conduct.
  • Identify active phishing incidents, related evidence or financial loss due to phishing.
  • Have dedicated resources that investigate and report phishing incidents, or otherwise support the mission of the DPN.
  • Contribute to the phishing repository by reporting phishing incidents that will help protect DPN members and consumers from phishing.
  • Be verified and approved by the NCFTA.

Yes, I meet the criteria.      No, I do not meet the criteria.