Welcome to the Digital PhishNet

Digital PhishNet (DPN) was established in 2004 as a collaborative enforcement operation to unite industry leaders in technology, banking, financial services and online retail services with law enforcement to combat “phishing,” a destructive and increasing form of fraud and identity theft.

Phishing is a particularly harmful and deceptive online threat that involves directing consumers to phony Web sites, usually through forged or “spoofed” spam mail, to input personal financial information such as credit card numbers and passcodes. While other industry groups have focused on identifying phishing Web sites and sharing best practices and case information, DPN is focused on assisting criminal law enforcement in identifying and prosecuting those responsible for committing crimes through phishing. DPN establishes a single, unified line of communication between industry and law enforcement, so critical data to fight phishing can be compiled and provided to law enforcement in real time.

Active members include ISPs, online auction sites, financial institutions, law enforcement (which includes participation from FBI, Secret Service, US Postal Inspection Service, Federal Trade Commission and a number of Electronic Task Forces), along with many others around the globe that are committed to phishing enforcement.

*If you believe you are a victim of identity theft: 1) notify your credit card company or bank immediately, 2) file a complaint with your local police and with the Internet Crime Complaint Center and 3) visit the FTC’s Identity Theft Website for additional information.